In UK, few months back a debate started about efficacy of homeopathic medicines, and UK’s Science and Technology Committee had given its report and they had different opinion for homeopathic system. I feel this is the fate of homeopathy that since its establishment by Hahnemann, it had been opposed by many and every time it proved that it works.

Now, opponents of this system has pointed that homeopathy is not evidence based practice or evidence based medicine. Actually, they have their own definition of EBP. Do you think, in last 200 years whatever results, recovery, healing or cures we have seen in patients are fake, bogus or placebo effects!

Evidence based practice (EBP) revolves around improved patient outcomes. Health professionals use the best evidence possible to make clinical decisions for individual patients. It involves complex and conscientious decision making based on the available evidence, and also on patient characteristics, situations, and preferences.

EBP recognizes that health care is individualized and ever changing. Finally, I would say EBP is the formalization of the care process based on requirements of individual patient. This individualisation is practiced by homeopathic physicians for the last 200 years. Since its inception, homeopathy has been used to treat a wide range of illnesses based on individualisation or in a way EBP. Hahnemann was the first person who advocated this strongly.

Hahnemann carried out testing medicines on healthy human beings before making any decision for prescribing them. This process which he termed as Drug Proving was the unique process of that century, remarked by Dr. Jugal Kishore of India in one of his writings. So, records of drug proving and materia medicas are evidence-based.

I would say, this is the homeopathy which is having evidence-based medicines and treatment decisions are purely individualized. If you follow principles of homeopathy as laid down by Hahnemann, then you are practicing evidence based homeopathy i.e. EBH. This is the time when we need to define EBH in our own terms. If Hahnemann would have been alive today, HE must have formulated and established the sense of EBH or evidence based homeopathy as per today’s scenario.

With available clinical evidences, we can advocate evidence based homeopathy. With this aim is launched. Now, you can send your clinical cases, success stories with all facts, figures, pictures, documents, etc. A team of technical experts and homeopaths is working online to prove that homeopathy works with evidences. You can send your cases to moderator at or you may contact me at to speed-up the process.

Even if we give evidence of wonderful solved cases, do you think these anti-homoeopathy people would agree the authenticity of cases? Honestly speaking, I believe one day we all together can make Homeopathy a therapeutic system of 21st century.

Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo)